Web Hosting Terms of Service

Operating Names

All business conducted with or by The King of Marketing, TheKingofMarketing.com, any The King of Marketing social media platforms, and any other The King of Marketing assets, outlets, communications, or platforms will be done through The King of Marketing, LLC. 

Payment Agreement

Web hosting payments will be recurring monthly payments or annual recurring payments with the price being determined by The King of Marketing LLC.

Services Provided

The King of Marketing will provide the following web hosting services or features for all packages after receiving payment: 

  • Free SSL
  • Server Space
  • 1 Website on the server per package
If the client has purchased domain and web hosting, then one domain name will be supplied with the package.

All the services mentioned in the Services Provided section and their definitions will be determined by The King of Marketing. The King of Marketing is allowed to not supply any service if determined as unnecessary. 

Length of Service

The length of web hosting services will be month to month unless the client has purchased a year in advanced worth of web hosting service.

Client Information Request

The client will be responsible for providing the needed information to setup their website on our web hosting server. 


This terms of service is in effect as soon as payment has been recieved by the client. The client or a The King of Marketing representative can cancel this agreement at any time. 

Privacy & Security

The King of Marketing agrees to not reveal any sensitive or private information obtained while using our web hosting service(s). The King of Marketing agrees not to share any usernames, passwords, codes, or any other private login credentials regarding the client. 

Topic Limitations

The King of Marketing refuses to engage in any topics regarding religious beliefs, political views, pornography/adult topics, sexual orientation, ethnicity & race, or any other topic The King of Marketing decides to avoid.


The King of Marketing and its representatives are not liable for loss, harm, or any damage that occurs to the website while recieving web hosting services. 

Final Statements

Once The King of Marketing receives payment for web hosting services, the client agrees to the statements made in this “Web Hosting Terms of Service” and are in effect immediately.