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Many marketing agencies focus on traffic, clicks, impressions, and other things that do not directly correlate to leads or sales.
The King of Marketing has built all of its marketing practices around lead generation, the key to increasing sales and growing a company.
Our digital marketing, web design, SEO, print, “You Name It!” are all built around increasing cash flow into your business.
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Lead Generation by The King of Marketing - a construction company owner answering a phone call from a new lead
“Came in touch with this company from a friend who was working with them. Let me tell you they have brought my small company to the next level. Just in the 2 week trial started to get tons of jobs. So much so, I didn’t know if I’d be able to do them all. The owner calls and messages and it feels like family more then a marketing company. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to boost their company. Thank you…”
– Hometown Land Solutions
“Highly recommend Phillip! I told him “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it don’t stop” my phone hasn’t stopped ringing from people needing work done. I will definitely be using Phillip again.”
– Ridge Caretaking
“I can’t say enough.. They have helped me and small business grow. Professional with reasonable pricing.”
– Copper Top Construction
“An excellent partner to have. They have been instrumental in our business expansion. We would not have the online presence we have today without their help.”
– Albryant Services

How Does Lead Generation Marketing Work?

The lead generation process can be overwhelming to someone with no experience. There are a variety of methods to obtaining good leads, but a also many that are extremely expensive or a waste of time and money.
The King of Marketing uses a variety of lead generation methods to generate our clients leads, with some being online and some being physical forms of advertisement.
To generate leads through marketing an agency must use a specific strategy that pushes clients to engage with the marketing material. By the client contacting the business owner through the displayed marketing material, the business owner can then communicate with that client to potentially land a sale.
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lead generation conversion chart going over KPI or Key Performance Indicator

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

Lead generation marketing can cost businesses anywhere from $100 per month to $1000’s of dollars per month.
There are a variety of marketing methods to choose and depending on how many leads the clients wants quickly, typically dictates the price. Our clients usually spend between a $100 to $2000 per month for our marketing services. We have services that can fit anyone’s budget and a free consultation is needed to provided accurate pricing.
Lower ticket marketing solutions usually consist of services like SEO and social management services, while higher ticket marketing solutions usually consist of services like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, marketing that requires an ad budget.
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